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Armoire front
Armoire front  
QUESTION: This armoire came to us about 20 years ago from a close friend who could not keep it because he was moving to a retirement community with low ceiling. The armoire came to his mother in SC from his grandmother after a house fire, probably about 1920. It dismantles into several pieces that are mostly held together with pegs.  We moved it in a small station wagon.
Now I want to pass it on to my niece, who adores "family" pieces and wants to buy it. Another person shares ownership, so I can't just give it to her.
I would appreciate any information you can give me about value, probable age, and the identity of the wood.
An email will follow with pictures that show details about the piece.

ANSWER: This is a very nice wardrobe but something is amiss with the crown.  I believe it has been lowered, just the crown part, to accommodate a ceiling.

what is the height and width of this wardrobe.

it is walnut and in the eastlake style.

please send more photos to my email.  need close clear pictures of the crown, front side and also inside the crown.

The date of this would be 1880-1900.  that is easy as that is when the drawer joints you showed in the photos were sued.  they are called Knapp joints, after the man who invented the machine, or scolloped and pegged.

eagerly awaiting more pictures

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side lifting off
side lifting off  
QUESTION: I don't have pictures of the crown, and unfortunately, the piece is in difficult-to-access storage. I have attached some pictures that I hope will help you. They show part of the dismantling process.

If the piece has ever been shortened, it isn't obvious to me.

On Monday, I hope I will have a chance to take some more pictures.

thanks for the added pictures but i really need to see crown pictures.   the crown is not right for this style and quality of wardrobe.  I have seen many over the years and bought and sold many.  when i have had to shorten ones in the past i did a good quality job on them so they did not look altered.  whoever did this did it well.  this would only make the pricing difference negligible.  

an auction price of this robe would be around 450-650, always depends on where the auction is and who is bidding.  in a shop the pricing would land between 1200-2000.  


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