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Stripped chair
Stripped chair  
arms and legs
arms and legs  
QUESTION: I recently re upholstered a chair I was given.  I have tried to find one similar on the internet, but have been unsuccessful.  Now, I am interested in the origin and age of the chair, as well as the possible value.  There were no synthetic materials in the stuffing and no springs or screws--only webbing, fabric, and old small nails. The attached pictures are the chair stripped down before the new upholstery was added.  Because the finish was scratched, I refinished the arms and legs in a black stain.  Close ups of the refinished arms and legs are provided so you can see the detail.  There were no markings, stamps, numbers, anywhere on the chair itself.  The only markings are the ones shown on the horse hair channel pad.  

I would like to know the origin of the chair, as well as the value of the stripped down chair shown in the pictures.

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a full view of the chair front and rear.


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QUESTION: These are as close to I have to full front and back prior to reupholstering. I hope these help! Thank you for your help!

this is built just as would be expected in the 1920s, and this is in keeping with the style which these days is often called colonial revival.

as to origin, no way to tell without a label of some sort as there were thousands of manufacturers in operation at the time, about 5000.

the shape of the front legs is called cabriole.  this is well done on this chair, the curve is graceful, the ankle narrow and the knee with nice carvings.

value is low stripped sdown as i cannot see the condition or feel the wood which will show.
assuming the chair is tight and the wood smooth and glowing (like waxed). as shown about 150-200.  covering as it was would probably cost about $800.  to buy a junk new chair would cost 800-1000.  to buy a hand made new chair about 2500.

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