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close up
close up  
hall tree
hall tree  
QUESTION: I recently inherited this hall tree. It's missing the decorative piece (finial?) on top.
Right above both of the arms of the seat are two metal (brass?) circles with screws. I assume that it is missing something you know what it's missing or what those pieces were used for? Also, I was wondering if you could tell me around how old it is and an approximate value for it.

Thanks so much!

ANSWER: use the followup function and post two more pictures, clear and in focus.

one of the top where it appears some carving is missing

second of the area where the metal is located


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Metal piece
Metal piece  
QUESTION: Looks like it's missing more than one piece at the top. I didn't realize there should be a carving in between the scroll looking pieces, but after looking at the picture I  can tell something is missing.

Thanks again!!

yes you can see the outline where there are two pieces missing at the top.  

they will be leafy carvings like what is on either side you can do an outline with paper to get the gross shape then play with it to get the leafy close to what is would have been.  the upper one too.  go online and google 1890 oak hall tree or oak hall seat, then click images and spend some time looking.  There will be a lot.  carvings vary as do oveall form.  I have had several over time but never matching ones.

the metal, check closely to see if the metal is the same as the mounting holders on the other har and coat hooks above and beside the mirror.

this one was probably made around 1880-1900 and is oak and quartersawn oak.  i would price it in my shop, my shop is not fancy, at 1600-2000.

here is one i sold restored;

and one not yet restored;  

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