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QUESTION: I found this rocker and on the bottom of it is stamped S. Bent &Bros made in Gardner Mass. Any information you can give would be appreciated.

ANSWER: use followup function and post picture of underneath the seat showing any numbers and the brand
second picture close and clear of the seat so i can see wood grain

what do you want to know?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

numbers on bottom
numbers on bottom  

photo of grain on seat
photo of grain on seat  
QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply.  You asked for two follow up pictures of numbers under the seat and the seat grain.  I am attaching the two photos.  Thanks again.

wood is birch.
""Gardnerís fourth oldest manufacturing company and an offshoot of Heywood-Wakefield Company.
Founded: 1867 by Samuel, Charles O. and Roderic L. Bent
Location: Mill Street in South Gardner
Products: First made five-spindle factory chairs for Heywood-Wakefield, and later made Colonial chairs and rockers. About 1870 they began making childrenís chairs, rockers and stools. From the 1920s-1950s they made breakfast sets and institutional furniture. One specialty, by the 1960s, was the college and university chair. Bent Brothers, along with Nichols and Stone, were national leaders in this area.
Company closed: 2001""

since  S Bent used the same designs and forms for several decades with only minor changes it is difficult to pinopint the date of manufacturer.

one like yours was made from the 30s into the 60s and the label did not change.

they sell in shops from 100 for one not in good condition to 350 for one in good condition.

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