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swivel chair metal mechanism
swivel chair metal mec  
chair top
chair top  
QUESTION: I have purchased a swivel chair that came with a Cutler roll-top desk, both of which I will be restoring.

The swivel chair metal mechanism is broken, and I am trying to find the name of the manufacturer so that I can find a drawing or something so I can establish what the broken two steel rods did.
The only ID I can find on the chair is  on the chair metal part it has stamped PAT’D FEB 18 1898. The 1898 part sounds about right as the Cutler desk was made I think between 1890 & 1910. I have been researching Patent records in Google for that date and have come up with zilch/nothing....Vincent (Western Australia)

ANSWER: if there is no label or patent date you will have to luck into a photo in the patents.

the round rods that appear to be too short were stabilizers working with the ends that screwed into the seat bottom with the end bracket.

send some photos to my email so i can see more of it better.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

cradle with rod in it
cradle with rod in it  

cradle without rod in it
cradle without rod in  
QUESTION: Hello Robert, OK..
a few additional things:
(1) I gave you the patent date in my original enquiry  i.e. PAT’D FEB 18 1898

(2) The broken rods were not screwed to the wooden chair, but slotted into Cradles. (two rods & two cradles, one at each end. I beleive that the ends of the rods fitted into their respective cradle and were tensioned into the cradle and the result being that when you leaned back on the chair, then got off the chair, the chair sprung back into position.

The photos attached have been named what they are...kind regards...Vincent

when i was referring to the ends that screwed into the chair i was talking about the cradles sorry bout that.

unfortunately this forum does not allow me enough time to do a dedicated search the patents, that has to go to you as it may take some time but i will do some looking as well if you like.  never know, might find something.  thing is that many companies bought the same hardware from various foundries which made same or similar items.  

can you determine how much of the rod is missing or is that the need for the diagrams.  If i had to fix this i would just try to determine what needed to be added to make it work and have it welded or go to someone like a blacksmith to have another rod made and save the old ones.

will be looking though patent files....

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