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Three Crocker chairs
Three Crocker chairs  

Crocker label
Crocker label  
I purchased three Crocker chairs through Craigslist in Southern California for $20 each. The three chairs have varying degrees of the sticker label left. I believe the same chairs are in the 1924-1925 catalog on page 16. The measurements all match and the finish appears to be original, but worn in some areas. We have reupholstered them and believe they were reupholstered before us owning them as well. What I'd like is confirmation that what I've found is correct and any additional information about this specific style of chair that you can provide. I'd also like to know their value, but most importantly I would like to know if you could help me to find a fourth matching chair.  Thank you for your time.

PS  I've been learning from this site that Tung oil is the preferred method to care for wood furniture such as these chairs. If so, what specific brand would you recommend and where can I purchase it?

First, to address the tung oil issue.  Whoever said that is not as well informed as should be.  You will never find this done by competent, well informed restorers or conservators and never in museums.

Think furniture paste wax.  Briwax, Renaissance Wax, Beaute, or Johnsons paste Floor wax.
None of the above contain mineral oil or silicone oil.  Briwax comes in colors, Johnsons does not but if you are artistically oriented you can use some Grumbacher oil colors to color your wax, ever so slightly but clear works fine.

As individual chairs these, after waxing would retail in a shop around 75-100 each if tight.

I will keep and eye looking for a match.  Style is mission style.


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