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I was hoping you could possibly date and value this table, provide a possible manufacturer, and direct me to someone to help me restore it and create a more proper leaf for it. I purchased this table for $50 through Craigslist in Los Angeles. I love it's Craftsman look and stain. Unfortunately, I only know it was passed down to the sellers, but they didn't have much information about it and didn't have the leaf. I was also unable to find any markings on the table or the wood slides. The stain on the base is in pretty good condition, however, the table top suffers from a lot of scratches and chipping that reveal the raw wood. Although, I don't mind imperfections and dents in the wood which give it character, I would like to have the top touched up. This is a table I use a lot so I'm not looking for an expensive restoration, but it needs some TLC. I tried the wood crayon, but it didn't work. I'd also like a leaf made that could match so I could display the table without a table cloth I'd love any suggestions or experts you can direct me to. The table is 39" in diameter, and slides open to 60 3/4". I'd say the average height is about 29 1/2" to 29 3/4" as the table not the same height all the way around. Thank you for your time.

There were too many manufacturers operating at the time this was made, 1900-1920s to venture a guess.  there were about 5000 in operation.  looks like it will take three 9-10 inch leaves.

crayons are for filling in dents and nicks in the wood.  when finish is gone there are other techniques available but it isnt easy.

call bausman and father in Huntington beach.
I know mark and he knows what he is doing.

table with three leaves would have a retail price of around 1200-1500 in my area.

good table, great find.

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