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My aunt willed us a secy desk - made of cherry, made by Maddox Colonial Reproductions in May of 1974. I know this is not an antique but we need a key to open the desk. Do you know where or how I can acquire a key. I can not fine Maddox Furniture listed on the internet. The type is X-1114.

the keys will be different for different pieces so it is a shot in the dark to be able to order one.  Fruitless perhaps.  if it is a barrel key, or a standard key, a locksmith should be able to open it for you.  

some info:

Maddox built good furniture an has been under several names, all of which had Maddox in it.  Maddox table company, maddox furniture company, maddox colonial reproductions, to name a couple.

some info from an unverified online source:
William Maddox started the Maddox Table Co. in Jamestown, NY in 1898. He had invented a machine that could create a highly polished wood table top in a fraction of the time of the current trend of hand finishing. He also invented several other time saving furniture making tools and devices which he readily sold to other furniture companies. Maddox was one of the first companies to trademark his items.

In 1919 he sold his company to the Shearman Bros. Lounge Co. and it became the Shearman-Maddox Co. even though they continued simply using the Maddox trade name. This company began the Maddox Colonial Revival line which included a wide range of quality furniture. Their secretaries were one of the big selling items.

In 1978 the company was sold to Crawford Furniture and the Maddox name disappeared completely by 1980.

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