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I bought this cabinet for my sister at an online auction.  I paid $252.  It measures 42" W, 70" H, 26" D.  It has many of the (I believe) original accessories including paper posters on the inside of the doors, flour bin, cookbook holder, etc.  The porcelain top(s) are in good condition with just a few blemishes.  The top to the bread drawer is missing.  Printing on the back says "weathered gray oak".  As you can see the top three doors have a painted design - center blue oval with stylized white flower and trim and a small white flower with scrolls to either side in each of the four corners.  It is painted cream on the inside and this paint is quite worn.  Is this the original finish of the cabinet? Did I overpay for this cabinet in this condition?

i have seen original cabinets with stenciling on them in various patterns.  since this is oak it is likely the exterior was not originally painted but the stenciling could be original or added.  i would have to see it in person to tell.  

things is this.  if the stenciling is original it should have some wear, and, if there is paint residue on the surfaces in the grain like it was whitewashed that could mean a couple of things.  One, that someone tried to do a whitewash, or, it was painted at some point and someone stripped most of the paint off and added the stenciling.  a lot could have been done since 1900-1920.

send me some clear and infocus photos of the surfaces and of the stenciling.

or use the followup function to add two pictures.  please, clear and in focus.

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