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sofa close
sofa close  
QUESTION: Mr. Klein:
A friend has discovered and re upholstered an unique looking sofa.  I have attached a photo of the carving.  From this can you supply any information as to the style, wood, era, or other pertinent history.  They are not collectors, nor am I, but I am a home builder and recognize the quality of workmanship and materials.  

Any background would be a great help.


ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a close clear picture of the carved top and a picture of the leg

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QUESTION: Mr. Klein:

Here are two images I have from the first time I took photos.  If they are not clear or close enough, please let me know and I will visit my friend again and take better pictures.  

Thank you in advance for all your help.


It is very likely it is a tropical wood with similar grain to mahogany (Swietenia).  We see it a lot the last few decades.  And thank you for mentioning Apitong, that is one that I was not familiar with but just did some reading on it.

that we are seeing many more species than before is both good and bad I guess.  Bad that species have been over harvested and forests clear cut but good that we are finding more available resources.  It has brought sustainable cutting to the front and replanting for future use more into the light.  Used to be that only the paper companies replanted, now it is more widespread.  Brings up what happened in the Michigan area back in the late 1800s when so many furniture factories were located there because of the abundance of hardwoods, birch, tulip poplar, sweet gum and the like...and depleted the forests.

cant see the wood grain to identify but this is one of the imports from indonesia or malaysia.  most likely some type of wood kin to mahogany. well done, not the cheap import.

it is done in teh victorian style and may have age of 20-30 years but would have to see inside the frame to be sure.

if you get a chance to send a pic showing the grain it would be appreciated.

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