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antique claw foot rocking chair
antique claw foot rock  

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antique rocking chair  
I bought two antique wood and leather chairs about 9-10 years ago from an estate sale. The man who owned them has past away and his children were selling his things. I was told that the chairs were over 100 years old, at the time. I wish I remembered who the family was, or even what town the auction was in, so I could find them and ask them more questions about the chairs. The chair I'm  questioning you about now, is a claw-foot rocking chair. It does  have some cracks in the wood on the front left and right edges of the seat-back (see detailed photo). The leather is all intact, as well as the rivets. Thanks for any info you might know about this chair.

this is one of the better examples i have seen of this empire style chair and sets made around 1900.  often called empire revival or even second period empire (by auctioneers).
Most of the ones made in this style are more a common or standard grade and in rough condition.  this set transcends the last sentence although all built like this exhibit the massive wood elements, the graceful curves and complex joinery.  they are not fast sellers on the market but are nonetheless great items and were innovative designs at the time.

original condition, coating, coverings.  probably not leather but the leather replacement fabric that was being used around this time, excellent condition.

all you want to do to these is to wax them, wood and covering, with toluene free Briwax in a dark color.  NO OILS.

This is only the second to third set of this style I would have bought had i been, like you, the first respondant.

what did you want to know??

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