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I have a table and chair set that looks to be Federal Style or Duncan Phyfe Style. I'm guessing that it has a mahogany veneer? The drop-leafs don't seem to be perfectly stable and I'm assuming the whole thing isn't high quality. My question is mainly about the chairs as I can't seem to find similar ones through image searches. I'm told that the chairs came with the table as a set, it also came with a buffet.

One chair has arm rests, the others in the set do not. The seats have been re-covered multiple times and I have no idea what the original looked like.

I doubt these are worth much and I'm in the process of replacing them. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. Are these something best put on Craigslist?

Thanks so much for you help!

you are correct in your assumptions but the chairs did not start life with the table, good fit but were never a match.  different age, and not what we see with these tables when you see the sets.  they go with the table as they are of the style, just different times and these tables have been made abundantly from around 1940 to today.

craigs list or a donation for the tax write off would be good options.  chairs would bring little, maybe 25 each the table about 200-250 depending on condition.  i assume you do not have the insert leaves.
this is what you have:

i would say this, if you like the table with the insert-able leaves, have it restored and use it.  the chairs, if you have 6, could be colored to match the table without stripping and refinishing which would same you a few dollars.  finding a china cabinet or sideboard to match would not be difficult.

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