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Victorian Chair
Victorian Chair  

Victorian Chair
Victorian Chair  
Bought two of these chairs at the end of an estate sale, so the price was good and I really liked them. As I was leaving a woman stopped me and told me they are lovely pieces. She then said she had her own antiques shop for many years and these are pre-Civil War. She would estimate 1850 to 1860. If that's the case, I'm even happier than I was about buying them. What do you think about their age? They have springs. Anything else you can tell me about the wood, style, period -- anything at all -- will be appreciated. I don't see any maker's markings. Thanks a lot.

1860s-70s, not 1850 but that is a fine pair of chairs.  part of a parlor set and a picture of our past.  you do your own research, search google images for <victorian renaissance revival chairs> and you will see similar pieces, and remember that all styles overlap.  the wood is walnut, the small cut-in scrolly carving is called incise carving and was done with a machine run by water or steam as was the leafy carving.  it was then dressed by hand with chisels.  

the pieces connecting the back and the seat rails are called hip rests.  the raised parts on the uprights in the back (stiles) should have a burl walnut veneer on them as should the three tablet like outlines above the upholstery.  the upholstery is covering some of the wood that should show but i am sure there is a reason for that.  the upholstery was done correctly with the double welt.

an insurance replacement value would be around 850-1000 each, however, in a shop they would price at 550-650 tops.

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