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China Cabinet
China Cabinet  
QUESTION: Good Morning!

I'm hoping you can help me identify the age and maker of an old china cabinet and sideboard that I got from my mother. She remembers it being in her house since the early 30's. She had 14 siblings and 8 children of her own and it definitely shows the wear. The condition is worn so I'm guessing it's not of much value, which is fine, but I'm curious to know where it was made, and when.
The only marks I see appears to be chalk marks with 990 written on the back.
If you are able to provide me any answer I would greatly appreciate your help.
Best regards,

ANSWER: Without a label there is no way anyone can tell you the manufacturer as there were 5000 in operation at the time. 1910-1920s.

looks like someone upgraded the drawer hardware at some time but to me I like the look.  I would buy some dark brown toluene free Briwax and wax everything.  i like that you are going to leave it alone to attest to the almost 100 years it has served those in your family.

more times than not older pieces had no label or the label falls off in time.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your timely answer!

Though we didn't have luck with the maker, I appreciate you giving me the timeframe it may have been made.

Is there a design style I should search for that would lead me to find similar pieces? My family enjoyed numerous gatherings around them and enjoy learning anything we can about them. They're like old family.

I'll take your advice and wax them down, thank you. As much as I like fine furniture, I love the loved look of these pieces, and will keep it as such.

Thank you so much for all you do.


this is a mix of early styles, the footing is called a shoe.  it resembles early jacobean style and other early english styling.  would be called a transitional piece and also could be called colonial revival.  thing is there were no sideboards at that time.

it is a good and an unusual piece but some things just do not fit into a nice neat catagory.

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