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The Pioneer
The Pioneer  
French Provincial
French Provincial  
QUESTION: I purchased a two lamp,  six piece bedroom set from an estate sale. It is French Provincial in style. I know very little about the company or the furniture. I am hoping you have more information. The Pioneer Furniture Company, Detroit's Finest Furniture Store. This is all I have;

"Located at 2679 E Grand Blvd the Pioneer Building began life in 1908 as the Trippense Manufacturing company, producing stamped metal planetariums and tellurions, in the 1920′s the company also produced open auto bodies for Ford, Chrysler and Rickenbacker. Somewhere along the way the building was renamed The Pioneer after the furniture company that once occupied it, the name has stuck ever since. Today this sturdy old structure has been divided into studios rented by artists from all over the metro Detroit area. Generally not open to the public, today is a special occasion, it is the annual open house, all are welcome."

I am not even positive that this is the same Pioneer Furniture.

Thank You for your time.

ANSWER: did i answer this by email?

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QUESTION: Not sure. Did you?

actually yes i did just wanted to make sure that it was received as emails are sometimes lost in space.  here is what was said in the email.

Pioneer furniture co wasnt a manufacturing company but were a reseller so without another labeling showing the manufacturer there is little that can be done to determine the manufacturer.  some information just isnt available without a starting place.
There was a Pioneer Manufacturing company operating but the label you have is the furniture store that had no relation to the Pioneer manufacturing.

The only way to get more detailed information is to contact Detroit historical societies concerning the mid century and earlier furniture stores.  Unfortunately this forum doesnt allow the time for this to be done by the volunteers.

this style was most popular in the 1950s some painted some not and was made in huge numbers.
some was made in cherry veneers, some in tulip poplar veneers, even beech and maple woods were used as veneers were used and steam bending used on the drawer fronts to gain the shape much like was don making the cases for grand pianos.

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