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Side Chair - George McLagan Furniture Co
Side Chair - George Mc  
Arm Chair - George McLagan Furniture Co
Arm Chair - George McL  
QUESTION: Hello, I'm excited to have found this site! I recently came across the following set of Queen Anne style chairs & just couldn't pass them by.   There are 6 chairs total (1 arm chair & 5 side chairs). Markings below the seats of 1 arm chair & 1 side chair are: "McL.2675" and the remaining 4 side chairs are  "2675".  Finish appears to be original but, through many years of use, they've been poorly glued and spot stained, and/or spot painted dk brown to cover marks or glue.  The seats appear to be original (?) not sure though as they seem to be leather-like but not leather.  All screws & tacks look original except for the odd one that was perhaps lost through the years.  The chairs are structurally quite sound, just need tightening or possibly re-glued.  Seats are sagged in the middle.

I've searched as much as I can for these chairs & cannot seem to find ones like them.  I believe I have the right furniture maker.  Are you able to date these chairs?  For curiosity only, can you offer a value, even though they are not in pristine condition?  If I restore them, will I lessen their future value?  I'd like to keep my eyes open for a table that might match, but, they seem to be few & far between up here in Canada.

I can provide you with more pictures than the two shown.  
I thank you in advance for your expertise.

ANSWER: if i remember correctly g mclagan company was in ontario.

the chairs are fairly typical of American, Canadian and English styles made in the 1910s and 20s.

since it is a bit of a miz of styles there is no neat catagory into which it fits. a modified Queen Anne style would be correct as it is the dominant style.  the leg shape is a flattened cabriole shape with a pad foot.

proper restoration wont hurt but improper restoration will hurt.  regluing is neededt ethen have someone do that who knows how.  it is more involved that squirting glue in the cracks so if they are just a bit loose, dont worry.  as to the surface, buy some briwax, toluene free in a wlanut color and wax them first then live with them a while before doing anything else.

glued up and cleaned and waxed i would sell them in my shop, and it is not a fancy shop, at 150-250 each.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, you are correct that the George McLagan Furniture Co. is from Ontario, Canada.   
I appreciate your advise about waiting to do much with them.  I will, for now, just tighten them and clean them up with Toluene Free Briwax.  
It's nice to have the information you've provided to me about these chairs.
Thank you for your quick response.

ANSWER: you are certainly welcome.

most likely the corner blocks under the seats screw into the seat rails.  i would tighten these but do not reglue just the blocks or when it is time to reglue the whole chair it will be a nightmare taking it apart.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You are correct again ~ the corner blocks under the seats are screwed into the seat rails.  I'll take your advice & not do any gluing.  I will only tighten as much as a screw driver will allow without force.  I am now on the hunt for the Toluene Free Briwax ~ not sure where I'm going to find this here.  It appears that cross border shipping is no longer available.  Do you have any suggestions for an equally alternate product that may be available in Canada?  Thank you again!

If this doesnt work you can use johnsons floor paste wax, it contains no silicone or mineral oil either but only comes in the neutral color.  you can color it using gumbacher artists oil color.


Looking for Briwax in Canada?
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To our Canadian Friends
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Many of our Canadian Friends have read our Blog and have asked where they can buy Briwax in Canada.  If you need a Canadian Retailer, please contact the Distributor in Canada, Terry Bice.  He will be happy to assist you. Continue reading →

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