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Antique Furniture/Late 1800 to early 1900 daybed or settee


daybed 2
daybed 2  
QUESTION: This piece was found at an old estate sale and would like to know more about it. It's condition is very well preserved and the original theme is all intact (such as corner posts etc)
a very light cleaning was performed to achieve the results shown in the images.

ANSWER: please use the follow up button to post pictures of the bed with the cushion out.  pic from the top and from the bottom.

does the bed come apart, if so show the attachment mechanism.

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QUESTION: There are three small metal brackets along each side that the mattress appears to rest on.  The mattress doesn't seem to move from the frame. I have run my hand along the space underneath between the frame and the mattress but can't find anything else.  If there is a release mechanism, where would it be located.  I can't see a lot directed under the mattress because there is a piece of very old fabric tacked to the underside of the mattress.  The tacks have been loosened in one area and I did shine a flashlight but just saw the innards of the mattress.  This platform style bed is very heavy.

ANSWER: If this is an old bed then the rails will come off.  They would be set in like a regular bed with the double s hooks.

it appears from your description that either 1. it is a more modern piece or 2. that the last upholstery job was done contrary to how it should have been.

does the platform have springs, what type.  can you post a picture of the underneath and inside the dust cover.

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corner brace
corner brace  

Springs in mattress
Springs in mattress  
QUESTION: The rails attach via metal corner/angle iron drilled in the keyhole design with round head wood screws attaching the angle iron. Recent images are attached.

I would be interested in seeing the mark you found so I can keep it with the pictures of the bed.

That is wonderful news as the style and look of this is way above average.  this morning i was studying the pictures again.  this is probably one of the better day beds i have seen in form and style.  most day beds are more like afterthoughts but this is a high styled and designed piece!

once you get the upholstery redone correctly it would have a retail value over 1000 maybe approaching 1500$.

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