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Small chair in the family
Small chair in the fam  
Small chair in the family
Small chair in the fam  
QUESTION: This small chair was in our family residing in the N.Y. or Philadelphia area.  Was it a childs chair or a small womens chair. It was unholstered but there is a cane seat which can be seen on the bottom.  I do not know if this is the original finish. There has been some repair on a cracked area.  Can you identify the wood, style, age or maker, and value from the pictures.  There are no labels or identify marks. I have additional picstures with close up views.  Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: I have nothing for size comparasion,  could you supply measurements?

also cannot tell wood from distance.  do a close clear picture of the  flat part of the seat wood, top and under.


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small chair
small chair  
small chair
small chair  
QUESTION: The chair height from floor to the top of seat is 17 5/8" sloping toward the back with a height of 17 1/8".  From the floor to the top of the finial is 34 3/4". The seat width is 16 5/8" at the front narrowing to 14 1/4" in the back.  The seat depth from the front to back is 15 3/4".  There is just a small strip of wood showing on the top of the seat due to the upholstery covering a large portion of the wood trim so I'm sending a close up of the side of the seat and the underside.  The upholstered back pillow is only held on to the back rails by thread and can be removed. Thanks for your help and I should have sent the chair dimensions in the first e-mail.  I blanked because I was so excited to find this site.

ANSWER: the measurements are withing normal for a chair, it is just a dainty chair.  a nice one at that.  wood looks like it would be maple or birch both hard, close grain and pale.

did the back have cane in it as well?

probably made around 1880-1900 but by which manufacturer we will never know as there is no label and there were 5000 in operation at the time.  the turnings are flattened like a mix of the bolder and older bobbin turnings and the flatter bamboo turnings also earlier.  

a fair market value in a shop would be about 125-200 depending on the overall condition.

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small chair
small chair  
QUESTION: The chair back did not have cane.  A picture of the chair back is attached.  Thanks again.

thanks for showing the back, it was then, a cane seated dining chair.

i would say if you did some searching in google books you will likely find some factory catalogs from chair companies that will show similar chairs around 1880-1900.  it is always a fascinating search.

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