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Antique Furniture/Gift from father,has labels but cannot find anything else


inside door label
inside door label  
back of piece label
back of piece label  
QUESTION: My father just bought this for me for $250 at a consignment shop, it was advertised as a  sideboard piece but does not feel that way to me. It has a tag inside one of the doors and a label on the back but other than that I don't have much to go off of. Can someone tell me more about this piece, I love it either way but I am curious as some things don't seem kosher, like the description being Japanese but it appears art deco or something and the labels are in English, one appears newer and the other older. The knobs are old looking but not TOO old looking. Any help is super appreciated!

ANSWER: use followup function and post a picture of the piece so i can see what we are trying to assess.

the wood where the label is located is mahogany, probably mahogany veneer.  wood where the paper label is located is undetermined but is likely on the back.

company became grand rapids bookcase and chair company 1911-1960.

we usually see the lifetime label in paper so i am thinking this is a laget production.

will wait for the new photos for more


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Whole piece
Whole piece  

QUESTION: Mr. Klein,

First, thank you so very much for you input. I sincerely appreciate it. You are correct, the paper label is located on the backside of the piece and the hard plastic looking label is on an interior cabinet door. I took out a drawer and it has small mahogany slats to separate for silverware placement and this drawer specifically is lined in green velvet which is still there! Also the drawers seem to be imperfect in manufacturing, like no perfect lines or symmetry.  there are no nails or screws..only this wedge and groove system...someone said it is called dove tail. Please review the follow-up photos. I also have some other pieces that were bequeathed to me by my mother and they belonged to her husband's mothers family. One piece is think is a Victorian buffet cabinet with beveled mirror...the wood is very dark and the mirror itself has beautiful wood carvings all in great condition although the cabinet is not as pristine. It also has the original draw pulls and lock. Another piece I think is an arts and crafts bureau bookcase...again with the original hardware and has lovely carvings. Anyway, let me know if you would like to see them although I saw no labels on the pieces.

1930 era factory made, and it is a sideboard in a modified art deco style.  pulls i cannot see clearly but may be replacements, do some searches on art deco or 1930 sideboards and see what is on other pieces similar.

I would leave it painted, it would be a huge and costly job to strip then refinish.

you may post new questions about the other pieces, remember to post photos with them


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