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Stickley Chair 1
Stickley Chair 1  
QUESTION: I recently purchased a Stickley Rocker from a consignment store for $150. I am having trouble determining it's value and would appreciate your opinion based on the images if the chair and label I am sending.  I did not locate a signature on the chair.

ANSWER: please use the follow up function and post a picture of the label.

there will be no signature and there were several stickley brothers.
the label will be of the utmost importance and will either be burned or stamped.  possibly paper but that i will have to check on tomorrow.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Stickley label
Stickley label  

2nd image of label
2nd image of label  
QUESTION: Here is the picture of the label.  Thank you for your help.

Stickley Associated Cabinetmakers  1916-1919
Gustav Stickley joins L. & J.G. Stickley to form Stickley Associated Cabinetmakers.  They symbolize the merger by co-joining the Craftsman joiner's compass with the L. & J.G. hand screw.  <---- from the museum webpage link

also, used with another stickley company who bought the rights to manufacture under the stickley name since 1989 this label is also used but it is metal.

value is all over the place on these.  In some areas they might bring 750 others 100.
Some stickley has more retail value than others.  There is huge amounts of information available on the web including the Stickley Museum.  You wll find it interesting reading.

at an auction it would again depend on where, it may bring 350-450 to retail at 750 once waxed up.

if you have time to search out old catalogs of stickley in the appropriate you can find the model number of this rocker.  i am pretty sure it is #423.  

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