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Headboard 1  
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Headboard 2  
QUESTION: Back in the late 50's my father obtained a large pile of scrap wood from cleaning out a neighbor's cellar.
My nosey mother went through the pile and picked out a bunch of finished boards to a separate pile. She eventually came up with this bed. The headboard is 56 1/2 "w between uprights by 72"h. The footboard is 35"h and of the same design. I also have the two siderails but not the slats for the mattress. I think it is Cherry,  but not sure. Can you tell if it is Eastlake, age, material, value and etc. Any info would be helpful, and no I hope not to sell it.

ANSWER: use the followup function to post a well lit and clear close picture of the wood grain otherwise i cannot tell you anything about the wood.

style is an eastlake style.  show a pic of the foot as well and do the side rails fit securely?

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QUESTION: Attached is a close up of the headboard as well as a pic of the footboard.
The footboard and side rails have been stored in the closet due to my Queen size mattress for 20+ years. The headboard is propped against the wall because I have to look at part of the bed. I should note there is no glue holding this bed together and everything, including side rails, fits together snugly.

it is possibly cherry but the close photo is not in focus so i cannot be sure.

I would say that there is glue.  it would be done originally with hot hide glue.  you cannot see it because it in inside the joints.  side rails fitting snugly is great, often they have some looseness.  

this bed is a nice one and would sell in a shop around 800$ maybe more in a high end shop.

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