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Hall tree
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Hall tree
Hall tree  
I am trying to find the value for an antique hall tree that was my great grandmothers. The back says Bloomberg-Michael Furniture Co. Richmond Va. I tried researching online about the company and all I can find is they started a committee in 1921. I was recently laid off and I really don't want sell it, but I need to. I was going to sell it for 300.00 and people told me that is to low. I would really appreciate your opinion on the value and if you know anything about this company?
Thank you so much for your help and time.

milton bloomberg was the treasurer of the company around 1900 when this was made (+ - 20 years)

condition is everything and i cannot tell the condition in the photos.  I have to pay between 400-600 in Danville Va to buy one like this at B and H auctions.

to get information on the company is difficult, as they did not operate long.  this piece was made around 1880-1900, if the mirror is original there might be a date on teh back of the glass but i do not recommend you remove the wood backing.  you dont want to damage the wood or mirror, if the mirror is original it should be beveled.  the hooks look original as well.

if this were cleaned up, all joints glued, waxed it would sell retail in a shop around 1600$.  You will not be able to get than price.  you should get 500 minimum but 800 is better.  

I sympathize with your situation but let me say that it is a family heirloom entrusted to your care.  if you sell it, you will spend the money then you will not have the money or the hall seat or tree.  please keep this, things will pick up!!

where are you located?

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