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I purchased this "antique" at a Trades Day this weekend. However, the seller could not tell me anything about it, except the obvious dove tailing and wood rails or guides for the drawers.  She said it is solid Mahogany and i could look up pineapple carving in furniture during the marine maritime and find out it's approximate age.  I couldn't find anything so I am asking your experise. I also could not find any markings, numbers, symbols or writing anywhere on the vanity.

I would like you to use the follow up function and post another picture of the wood grain close up and in focus.  one of the drawer front and the second of the top of the vanity, the flat top or working surface.  Might have to use a different camera.

First, the seller is nothing but a seller and has no knowledge pertinent to this furniture.  The reference to marine maritime is useless and i dont understand how this is even a relevant source and trying to identify any furniture from the carvings alone just doesnt work.  carved elements and styles repeat, often.

Additionally, i believe the wood is not mahogany but is stained mahogany.  It appears to be either sweet gum or tulip poplar on the drawer fronts--but--that is not a bad thing and is common to the industry.

It is a good and well made set in a classic combination of chippendale and empire style characteristics manufactured 1920-40s.

you purchased a good piece.  these are often set up with the mirror attached like in the photo or with the mirror on the wall and the mirror supports stored away.  gives versatility.  

i dont know what you paid but the mirror alone without the supports would sell at 200 and the stool at 100.

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