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Front View
Front View  
One of two differant medillions
One of two differant m  
QUESTION: My wife purchased an antique chest and was told that it was a Chippendale.
Will you please let me know what it is
Over all, it is in very good shape. The drawers are of tongue & groove construction and the back panel is five inch wide by 5/8 thick, boards.
I will submit more photos if needed.

ANSWER: whoever said this was chippendale has no idea what they are talking about.  even if they meant to say chippendale style they would be off.

the style is the classic example of the higher grade of cottage victorian.

if you use the followup function and post a picture of the outside of the side of a drawer where the side meets the front I can better tell you the age.  it is most likely between 1880 and 1900 but will hold that till i see the drawer pic.

it is a great looking piece, whoever did the finishing did well.  wood is either cherry or tulip poplar or both, i suspect both.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Drawer side
Drawer side  

Drawer lock set
Drawer lock set  
Thank you for the reply.
I have taken more photos to help describe this piece.
The top of the cabinet looks like it was attached to the sides, using wooden pegs. two per side and three along the front.
The middle drawer and the bottom drawer, both have a oblong medallion. Each Medallion shows a unique scene. Under each medallion, is a metal lock set. I don't know how the lock sets are activated or if the medallions are just covering up the locks.
I have photos of the front bottom corners, the inside of a drawer slide, inside back boards, inside top unit drawer slide, wooden dowels in top and the lock sets.
Thnks for looking at it.

it would appear that whoever did the finishing added the painted medallions since the keyholes are covered.  But, since there is no keyhole in the top drawer makes me wonder about that, is there a lock in the top drawer?  How many drawers have locks?  They would never have been covered when made unless, and i have seen this before, locks were cut into the drawer but no one cut the keyhole.

hand cut dovetailing in the drawers says that it would be 1880-1900.
bottom outside of the drawer is probably hand planed.  

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