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QUESTION: I have an antique piece that I would like to restore but I am not sure how to go about it.  The piece is very dry and I am not sure what kind of wood it is made from.  I am hoping you can help to identify the wood and tell me how to properly restore the piece.  It has a tag o the back that says:
496  H J Hartberger & Sons Roanoke from Statesville Furniture Company, Statesville, NC.  H J Hartberger was a furniture store in Roanoke, Va around 1915

The piece has dovetailed joints and roller feet. The coating on the mirror (which appears to be original) has a couple places where the silvering is missing

ANSWER: This is an oak washstand.

I need to know what experience and skills you have in the restoration and refinishing area.

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QUESTION: We are novices and may well have to find someone to restore it if it is worth  it.

ANSWER: It is a very nice oak washstand with quarter sawn oak veneer--tiger oak.

dont oil it!!!!

either wax it with a good furniture paste wax-no auto polish.  or have it stripped and refinished.

should cost about 600 to have it done depending on where you are.

so--where are you.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the information.  We live in Salem, Va.


I was looking at the pictures this morning and I would say that restored and for sale in a high end store the washstand would have a retail price over 1000.  They do not sell quickly but even so keep in mind that insurance replacement values are 2 and three times retail.  just teh nature of our insurance industry.  example, if you pay to have a windshield replaced it costs 200, if the insurance pays it cost them or more accurately they pay 450.  


Dick Patch is in Roanoke, VA.  I know Dick and his work, you wont go wrong here.
specify that you want the piece stripped and refinished in a medium to dark oak finish in satin lacquer.  I dont know his pricing structure.  I will guess the will cost about 6-650 a little less that the retail in store price to buy it already done.  The quality of restoration will be much better than buying it already restored.

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