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I recently acquired an old hutch and sideboard, along with 4 chairs (covered in a pinkish velvet), table for the set had been previously damaged and disposed of.  I know nothing at all about the items origin. The hutch is 74" tall, 45" wide and 20" deep.  The sideboard is 40" tall to the serving top with a 3" back splash, 72" long and 22 1/2" deep.

They are both very dark, bulky in build and heavy.  There is a couple of places where the wood has been gouged and appears to be walnut.  A couple of door fronts appear to have laminate on them as it is coming loose.  The glass on the hutch is held in place with what appears to be grape vine.  There is a lock on the upper hutch door that has "EAGLE LOCK CO TERRYSVILLE, CONN  MADE IN USA" stamped into it.

Can you tell me, approx age on these items, who may have made them as I can find no markings, value if any, and anything else you can think of.

Thank You, Rick

1920s.  walnut veneer and sweet gum woods.  Fretwork in the door covering the glass.
Jacobean style better than the standard grade.  This is a blind china cabinet that was part of a dining room set, as you already know.

in the condition shown the china cabinet would bring about 1-125 at auction.  However, if cleaned up, waxed and all problems repaired it would sell at 650.

If the other piece matches, the sideboard, and is in the same condition it would bring about 2-275.  It all is depending on the condition.  sideboard sells easier than the blind china as it is more versitile.  I have customers buy to use for tv stands.  

it should have had four side chairs and two arm chairs or five side and one arm.  since you have only 4 they might bring 20-35 each at a sale but a set of four is difficult to sell.

as to the manufacturer, there were about 5000 in operation at the time so without a label there is no way anyone can tell.

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