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Phoenix Chair Company
Phoenix Chair Company  
QUESTION: I am wondering of the authenticity and approximate value of the attached photo.  I've not seen anything like it before and cannot find it on the internet.

ANSWER: would you please repost using the follow up function with two more pictures, make sure they are clear and in focus.  one of which i would like close on teh door showing the paintand the some of the design in the center about 50/50.


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Phoenix Chair Co chest
Phoenix Chair Co chest  
QUESTION: I am attaching another picture of the furniture above.  I apologize that I only have one as the piece is in storage and not in the city I live in.  It is a little better than the other one and if you are not able to offer a review, I certainly understand.  I appreciate you taking the time to look at it.

i believe that either the entire piece was painted with the floral design as a central theme with the green as the overall designs on the face-fronts, or, the floral design on the doors was repeated on the drawer and the rest done is a dark walnut color.  the dark walnut was the general color of this period, 1920s.  some companies had the oriental theme in painted floral and other designs on this style.  since the hardware is painted on the doors makes me think that perhaps someone did the green later over the original dark stained finished.  there is evidence of this in the central design, the dark i am referring to.

the drawer was stripped at some time which makes me think that someone took the doors off, stripped the rest of the piece then did the green (or the green might have been there, cant really tell as i said above, on the doors around the central design.

if it were all original it would have a retail price around 5-800 depending on the point of sale.  as it is shown more like 3-350 tops

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