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Lane Cedar Chest
Lane Cedar Chest  
I have a Lane Virginia Made Cedar Chest Style 9134 Serial No. 254201 that was damaged during a home break-in recently.

I was not home at the time of the break-in.  It appears to me that the cedar chest was flipped on its back & someone jumped on it.  You can see from the photo that the front of the cedar chest is in several pieces; only the front was damaged.    

I've sent the photo to 3 antique furniture restoration companies I've obtained 2 estimates for repair: $575 & $400-800. The cedar chest has great sentimental value to me so the price for repairs does not concern me, although, I do want a fair price.   

I will be taking the cedar chest to a couple of furniture repair companies to get a better idea of cost of repairs.  What should I expect from the restoration company before, during & after the repair/restoration process & what questions should I ask?

where in california are you located?

I may know someone in the area.

if i were to estimate this, the repair cost would be double what you are seeing and since it is a veneer over the substrate of cedar the visual damage will still be there however the structural damage can be eliminated.  problem with the insurance company is that they will compare repair cost to replacement cost and this style of chest has an insurance replacement value close to the repair costs, my repair costs, only if you stretch it.  you will just have to talk nice to them and have verification that the replacement is near or equal to the repair costs.  that is if you are dealing with an insurance company.

if not just disregard the insurance comments.

as to repair;
the company should be dry fitting the broken pieces together to see what is missing and what fits.  what are they going to do where there are losses of wood and veneer.  what glues are they going to use.  have they much experience with veneers.  there are both walnut and mahogany veneers on the front face.  

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