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Table Pedestal
Table Pedestal  

I just recently purchased this table and five chairs.  I know nothing of its origin , or the chairs.  What i do know is the table measures 52.0" W X 28.5" H X 52.0" D closed.  It has a split pedestal. It also has an additional ten leaves that measure 14" each for a total of 16' fully extended.  The leaves are stamped with the number "722".  

I would like to know the approximate age, manufacturer if possible and the wood grain.  An estimated value would also be helpful.

The chairs came with the table in a set of five.  Not sure if they are original to the table.  They are stamped with the number "4105".  Would like to know more about them to potentially acquire more.  

The table was purchased by myself in Ohio a few hours north of Cincinnati.  Perhaps this is helpful.

Thank You For Any Information Available,


ANSWER: This is a fantastic walnut victorian table.  It appears that the center legs are not attached properly which is normal for a table made in the late 1860 to the mid 1870s.

this actually gave me a bit of jealously when i saw it.  This is the type I seek and have paid as much as 1500-2000 for one, although i prefer to pay less.  After restoration (restoration can be cleaning and waxing the finish or if necessary, complete stripping and refinishing).  I sell these at 45-5500.  To restore one properly costs about 2500-3400 depending on what must be done. sometimes less but not often and often more depending on the work needed.  it is always it is necessary to tighten all the screws you can see from underneath.  if they will not tighten because the holes are hollowed out then we put wooden toothpicks in the hole with a dab of hot hide glue and go from there.  Hot hide glue is what was used originally.

I see some issues, the pedestal halves are no longer mounted tight to the mounting board so they can inwards, same with the center legs, they are no longer fastened properly.

The chairs never came with the table.  different century.

without a label the name of the manufacturer will remain unknown.  There were thousands of furniture manufacturers at the time this was made.  you can be assured it was a quality company like mitchell and rammelsburg, phoenix, nelson madder, and berkey and gay.

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QUESTION: Thank You so much for the information about the table and chairs.  

I purchased the table for personal use.  At the time the table was manufactured would it have come with a particular style of chairs and how many.  If not, could you recommend how many chairs and style I should be looking for.

The table does not appear to have veneer, is it a solid walnut table?

Thank You for any additional information,


ANSWER: The table would be a non veneered top and pedestal.  Back then there would probably not have been a set of chairs manufactured specifically for the table but chairs would have been available in more than one form to satisfy the consumer.

figure 30 inches per chair and if my thinking is correct you could seat 16 people with 140 inches of leaves installed.

The realization just struck me that the table is 16 feet long!  rethinking this as a restored table, properly restored, everything tight and fit, all leaves fitting properly (the leaves are probably numbered 1-10 or I-X with the edge of the table when opened having a number as well so the leaves go in a specific order).  did you get the storage cage that the leaves go in?

I have seen tables not as nice nor as large as this sell at 6-9000, 2 years ago.  remember, if restored properly the value will increase, however, an amateurish job will have the opposite effect.

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QUESTION: Thanks Robert your information has been very helpful. Yes, we do have the crates for the leaves. I have not seen any numbers on the leaves this far other than the 722 but will look again.  What style of chairs do we need to look for to go with the table?. Speaking of chairs we got 5 with the table and I would like to at least find 1 more to match. Can you identify them and give me  suggestions of where I might look?

the chairs are from teh 1940s and are often called federal style or duncan phyfe style.  it is very unlikely you will find one to match what you have.  I suggest you look for a similar arm chair but even so it will not be easy.

I will post some pictures or send some pictures to your email if you will send directly to my email.  my email is posted in the instructions section.

any numbers on the leaves will be on the long edge.

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