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QUESTION: I am trying to find out what type of table this is, when it may have been built and it's value.  There is a partial paper label on the underside of the top, company name started with an L & I think location is WI.  Table is very heavy & measures 60" x 35" & is 29" tall  has a shelf underneath.  Top is a solid piece of wood with a tiger oak veneer top.  Leg pieces are made of 2 to 3 pieces of wood attached together with what appears to be wooden pegs.  Table top is attached to legs with screws. Have been told it is type of piece used as dining table on ships.  
Thanks you for any information you can provide.

ANSWER: This is in the l and g stickley trestle table style.  A bit of variation of the stickley tables.  the stickley ones i have pictures of have a little different shape for the wooden keys where the through mortice tenons come through in the ends, shoe foot and the uprights.

no ship use.

do some searching for a branded label and check google for pictures of stickley trestle table.

I would have to see a picture of the underneath and of the screw heads to date this.
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a GREAT table.

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QUESTION: wasn't sure what you meant by underneath so including picture of entire bottom side.  after turning it over noticed that underneath & sides of table top are all veneer.  found on this site a table that appears to be identical in style to ours,
they mention that it has two signatures on the bottom.  I don't see any signatures on ours, although I'm not sure what to look for.
Thank you for your assistance.

the underneath pictaure did not arrive can you do it again, thanks

the table you reference is not the same although it is the same style and form.  there are details there not on yours.  If i am looking at the right table.

in the previous post i mentioned that the uprights, keys and footing is a bit different than yours.

signatures as some refer to labels and brands are usually either hot branded into the wood like branding cattle or there is a paper label.  if a paper label was there and is missing ther you will see either a light place underneath the size of a label or a light spot with four holes where the corners of that label would have been.  not all companies labeled their items.

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