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Hello Sir,

I've looked and looked and can't find any information about a bed that my great aunt was born in. It has a brass metal tag on the headboard that reads: " The Banta Furniture Co. Goshen Indiana". Under that, the # "135" is stamped into the wood. My great aunt is deceased but would probably be in her 80's now, and she was born in this bed. I'm trying to find out what the bed is worth, if anything. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to ask this question. Thank you, Sir.

There is a bit of information online about the company but for now, i need to see a picture to tell you anything.


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Comment:     Thank you. The only way i have of sending you a picture is cell phone and its not allowed by your site so, this doesnt help. Thanks anyway. I scored you a 5 for your time.

Response to feedback and comments of questioner.

Your generosity overwhelms me.  

Instead of rejecting the question you submitted due to the omission of a picture, I kindly requested you submit a picture thinking that perhaps you overlooked that pictures are required for assistance as is specified in the posting instructions.  After reading your feedback comments it occurred to me that you indeed had read the instructions other wise you would not have known that cell phone pictures, which are generally of poor quality and leave much to be desired for detail examination, are discouraged.  That being now explained to you I strongly recommend that you contact a local appraiser and pay the appropriate fee.  This way the appraiser can physically inspect the bed and give you what you need.  Thank you for attempting to use this site. Your participation is certainly appreciated.

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