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QUESTION: Can you tell me the age of this highboy as well as an estimated value, please?  I am including a picture of the Charak mark (on the left side of the top drawer in the bottom half) as well as a overall picture of the piece.

It measures 60" tall.  The main body of the lower half is 29-1/2 W x 17-3/4 D and has four graduated drawers; the main body of the upper half is 27-3/4 W x 16-3/4 D and has three full-width graduated drawers and two half-width drawers on top.  

Any other information about it would be helpful as well.

Thank you.

ANSWER: company was in Boston and produced loose reproductions of colonial furniture.  most of their success was in the 1920s.

Good quality chest on chest.  

please look carefully all over the piece as most are imprinted with not only the name but with a date.

they used qood quality wood as you can see the curly or tiger maple in the drawer fronts.

let me know what you find -  marks or date other than what you have pictrued--and we will talk more, thanks

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I found the number 78 stamped into the back of the top chest, along the top edge.

Everything else is handwritten in pencil (written by owner for one reason or another?).  The number 1696 is written on the backs (inside) of two of the drawers -- one from the top chest and one from the bottom chest.  The backs (outside) of all the drawers are numbered in order from 10 to 18.  Also written along the bottom edge of one drawer is "Bought new in 1930 (or 1920, I can't decide which) purchased(?) in Connecticut."  I inherited this piece from my great grandmother, who lived in CT, so that makes sense.

Thanks again.

the numbering on the drawers makes perfect sense as doe either 1920 or 30.

prices vary on pieces from this company, dont know why.  I would think that this chest on chest, in a high end shop would bring 1000-1500 minimum from someone who was a collector of this companies furniture.  someone just looking for a well built chest like this should hav to pay 750

what a nice heirloom to pass to your children and family.

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