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China cabinet
China cabinet  
QUESTION: Mr. Klein,

I looked at a set of three pieces of furniture today. One is a China cabinet, a sideboard and a buffet piece? I would like to know more about it. I do believe the total price of $300 for all 3 pieces may be a good value.

There is some damage to the feet of the sideboard, the China cabinet has some minor lifting of the veneer but the buffet top has faded quite a bit due to what I was told as water damage.

Can you please tell me more about it? What would be the value and what as t would you recommend be done with the damaged veneer on top of the buffet?
Thank you!!

ANSWER: jacobaean style made in taeh 1920s.  

need to see the nature of the veneer damage to help there.

depending on the damage <--- you are getting a good price.  repairs can be expensive.

use the followup function and post pictures of the damages

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QUESTION: I tried sending the follow up question two different times but I don't believe it went through so here goes again:

1. Can you tell by the photos what type of veneer it might be?
2. Based on the damage to the pieces shown can you give me an approximate value?
3. What, if anything, should/could I do to repair the damage.

My goal is to try to hopefully make some minor repairs & resell it.

Thank you again for your help with this!

The veneer is walnut.  The value is low due to the damage.  For me, I would not take this if it were given to me since it would cost more to repair that I could sell it for.  Repairing veneer damage is best left to the professionals and not all professionals are competent to work on this type of damage.

The repairs are not minor in this case.  If in my shop it would be over $1000 to repair the damage to the sideboard and correct the discoloration.  Tere are two layers to be dealt with, the presentation surface and the underlayment.  Under that is the lumber core and under that are two more layers of veneer.  To repair, the top and underalyment would be removed, flattened, then reglued one at a time using hot hide glue.  afterwoords the discoloration and staining would be addressed.

I urge you to pass on this purchase unless you are skilled at repairing the damage.

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