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full view
full view  
QUESTION: I was wondering if you can date this model and verify it is a Gunn, the only markings are stamped in front center on each shelf, and they don't match any other Gunn labels I've seen. Also, is it Mahogany?

ANSWER: use the followup function and post two more pictures.  one of the label, in focus and clear.
second of a clear and close picture of the wood grain.  without seeing the grain i cannot tell you the wood species.

check the pictures for focus before posting

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

wood grain
wood grain  

QUESTION: I know you asked for no cell phone pictures,however these  are 14 megapixel shots as my DSLR has no macro lens I cannot offer better optics without washing out the image due to reflectivity of the finish. please let me know if I need to borrow a lens and use my DSLR. FYI the finish appears dark until you put a light very close to it before the red hue comes through. Thanks

this part is a revision or addition.
rather than go into restoration.  since it was your moms, just buy and use toluene free Briwax in the antique mahogany color.  wax all exterior show surfaces, the finished outside surfaces.  clean the glass with newspaper and vinegar.  should take about 1 hour per row to wax and clean glass.
than is all you need to do.


thank you for you consideration on the photos, you would be amazed how many send washed out and fuzzy pictures you cannot even identify if it is a piece of furniture or a horse.

definitely mahogany, although on stack bookcases it will be a veneer on the top, sides usually not veneer on doors and sides.  You have to compare the front or outside grain on doors and sides to see if it is the same on the opposite side in th same location.  same then solid board, different, then veneer.

The mark is not a Gunn mark.  someone wrote this on the wood.  thing is that the design, of the top, looking somewhat like a shadowbox overhand or molded protrusion type framing is typical gunn of the 1915-20s

retail in a shop 1200-1500

the stepback design is somewhat elusive, and desirable, as you can fit taller and deeper books.  i am always looking for a bargain on stepback units.  The last ones I bought were globe wernicke with two standard rows and two larger stepback rows and i had to pay 700$ each unit.  

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