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antique chair
antique chair  

antique chair
antique chair  
Hello Mr.Klein, I would be interested in any information about this lovely little chair that is labeled Hathaway Furniture Co., N.Y.  I bought it about 15 years ago. I spotted another item I'd like to work a trade on but I don't know what my chair is worth. I've loved having it and would like to pass any info on to it's next owner. I put a newer fabric over the old one rather than remove it, but I doubt that was the original fabric due to the way it was installed (the green fabric is "slip cover" and can easily be removed). The seat board appears to be old but maybe not original, has the wood bar that locks it on with a key-type screw (one screw is missing)& some words stamped on the bar (can't read them other than "15 inches"). The reason I think that seat board might not be original is there is a groove around the top of the seat frame that has some old fibers down in it. The chair is petite : seat is 17" w at front/ 13"w at back, 17" from floor; chair is 38" tall, stretcher is only 2.5" from floor. The pictures make the lower half appear black, but it is not, it's a dark wood.
 Hope that's not information-overload....Thanks so much for your time.  Sherry

Chair was manufactured around 1900-1920 and all does look to be right.  Hard to tell with the darkness of the pictures underneath.  The dimensions you give are in line with standard dining chairs of the time period.  The wood in the top crest is mahogany.  The rest most likely is as well but is too dark to be certain.

Single chairs, even ones as nice as this empire style chair,do not sell for high prices and depending on where you are would sell in a shop between 75 and 150.  

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