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Bureau top (flaws)
Bureau top (flaws)  
Bureau front
Bureau front  
I have included some photos of my g-mother's bureau.  Would appreciate a rough estimate of its worth.  Already posted on Craigslist and clearly some dealers are interested even with the various flaw (below)_ well documented.  The more detailed photos are on my cell, but apparantly show what they are looking for in terms of the back boards and dovetail (?) drawer design (tongue in groove I would call it).  Some scratches courtesy of my former cat and a small chip on top corner and second drawer might be a replacement (all the others have a scooped out area where the handles are attached and lock mechanisms (except no lock on the bottom- 6th drawer).  clearly some repair on top drawer on left.

ANSWER: use the followup function and post picture of the back and of the outside of one drawer where the side meets the front.  send all the rest to my email as attachments to one email.

what price do you have it listed for?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: As I said, the people who have asked, have indicated these follow up phots were what they were looking for:  dovetail joints (no nails) and the back is very old, dark wood.  Estimated at 200 yrs old.  Just wondering the value given the condition- namely the chip and discoloration on top, light cat scratches on front.  Thanks

(my boyfriend took the photos.  I only have an iphone for photos).  Someone is sending me check now, so really eager to know whether it's at least in the ballpark and I should accept it  ($600)  Thanks

without the pictures i asked for I cannot determine if the chest is worth more than what you are asking.  i cannot, in good conscience, go on what someone else says (meaning the buyers).  

so without seeing the dovetails, bottom of drawers, underneath, and how the legs are attached an if they are original, the back and interior, and looking at tooling marks I cannot determine if it is 200 or not.  from the exterior, it has the form and style of an early chest.  the flaws are minimal and if it is 1830-1850 then 600-800 is a fair price.  

why do you think a drawer has been replaced?  It doesn't appear so to me.  if it has been replaced then you are fortunate to get more than a couple of hundred.  if all is correct and as it should be for an early 19th c late 18th c chest then and it is a southern built piece then the price would be three times what you were asking.  But, without me seeing all I need to see I cannot verify.

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