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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Klein,
Thank you in a advance for taking my question!
I would be very appreciative if you can give me an idea of what kind of woods are involved in this furniture.
I believe the style is Louis XV? please confirm.
Last if you could provide me with an idea of its value.
Regretfully my ceilings are not high enough to have it altogether so I'll try to provide you as many pics as this site would allow, more upon request.

ANSWER: Louis 15 style but not of that period.  This is an import from Belgium or the UK.  The wood will be a walnut veneer--most likely--however the pictures are too distant to see the wood grain.  you may use the followup function and post a close clear picture of the grain and i can be sure.

you say that the ceilings are too low to put the crown on it but these are generally under 8 feet high.  What are the measurements, height and width?

the prices for this type armoire or wardrobe is all over the place.  here they sell in a shop from 850-1850, the median price for a two door in good condition and no issues around 1250.  it depends on the type of shop, on the condition, and area of the country.

Although you will see hand cut dovetails in the construction these are made around 1900-1920.

to get an accurate retail price you need to visit shops in your area, and compare what you find with yours

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QUESTION: The measurements are approximately 66" wide (5-1/2 ft)in the back, 51" (4-1/4 ft) wide in the front and the overall height is 100" (8-1/3 ft)
Also the door's inside have this wood that seems to be fancy (I might be very wrong ....)
It disassembles completely very easily (2 doors, 2 sides, 1 bottom, 1 top, 2 back panels, and the drawers) and all is held with two large bolts (top) with the hole in the head which allows to introduce a metal piece to make it turn.
Thank you for your time!

birdseye maple on the interior of the door.  

knowing the size changes things and showing the detail of the carving as well.

$2500 retail in a shop.

The construction is as it should be.  i would expect the bolts to be top and bottom.

nice piece.  

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