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I appreciate the time taking my question.
I was wandering if you could give me an idea of what style this piece is, guessing about when was it made and what kind of wood it might be.
I have owned it for about 35 years, may be a bit more and it was purchased at an estate sale, when we acquired it the wood was really dark, very close to a very dark brown, almost black but did not go with the rest of the pieces we had for the dining room so I decided to make it look much lighter.
The mirror is not part of the piece of course.
I have more pics if so you desire.
Any guesses about value?
Kindest regards,

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a picture showing the outside of the side of a drawer where the side meets the front so i can see the joints

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QUESTION: I have posted additional info as requested.
Thank you for your help!

hand dovetail
hand dovetail  
It is a Victorian piece in style and time around 1870-80 very high quality.  These usually hand upper section.  please look carefully at the back, if you can get to it, and inspect for signs of a top being there.  might be some odd screw holes on the back where there were wood supports screwed into the back of what you have that supported the top, or a small ledge, or even a shadow of a line on the marble.  or not, sometimes they just sat on top.

regardless, also check all surfaces for a name, label , brand, imprint.  

I would figure if it were wearing the original finish it would be around 2500$ in a good above average shop.  possibly more.  even without a top.  I am assuming that the marble is old and original and not broken anywhere.  insurance replacement value higher by 2.5x.

You did a good job with the color.  That color, which looks like a raw sienna, was actually used during that time on some furniture and on the interiors of many bookcases and chain cabinets.

The dovetails in the drawers are confusing.  They look like hand cut, and they are but there is almost always, 99% of the time, a line cut into the wood for reference when hand cut dovetails are made.  i attached a picture showing that.

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