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We purchased a home that is 116 years old.  With it came the queen bed in the image.  It is extremely dirty but otherwise it is in good condition.  I have not noticed any metal hardware anywhere other than the reinforcement brackets where the rails are attached to the headboard and foot board.  The sheer rods are actually finger joined together in the middle and the ends are shaped like dowels and are seated into the posts.  There are no labels or brands of any kind.  The post turnings are all one piece. My wife and I are at odds over whether to actually like this piece or not.  I do, she doesn't.  We have 5 bedrooms so there is no issue finding a place for it.  I will be carefully cleaning the piece in the near future and would appreciate any information you can provide on its style, age, apprx. value, and best method for cleaning off years of dirt and grime.  Thank you very much!

Bill Cromack
Palestine Texas

I would like to help but will need multiple pictures of the bed to determine age and origin in order to determine value.  send to my email address as attachments to one email.  you might need to use a flash, it is pretty dark.  Also and most important is a picture showing the end of the rail and the place in the headboard where the rail fits, need to see the hardware or mechanism that holds them together.

i can tell there is no bed bolt coming through the posts into the rail so it may be that inside the rail there is a pocket in the wood where either one or two bed bolts go frm the rail into the headboard or footboard.  or.  there may be what would look like two cleats that show at the end of the rail when the rail is not hooked up and those cleats will fit into either one or two slots in the head or footboard in cast iron shaped like a T.

whether an 1800s, 1900s, bed it is a fine bed, of that there is no doubt.
it may be european but doesnt have the look of the mostly imported hotel type english, belgium furniture.  

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