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Horrocks Desk
Horrocks Desk  
Horrocks Desk
Horrocks Desk  
QUESTION: My brother recently purchased this desk for $20 at a local estate sale.  It looks like tiger striped oak.  Inside we found a plackard with the designer's name and we also found what we thought was a patent number until we discovered that it didn't have enough numbers.  We are guessing it's either a serial number or production number with the patent dates listed.  I know about William Horrocks and his association with the Standard Furniture Company.  I have found several patent drawings of his typewriter cabinet applications from 1893 - 1902  We would like to know the value of this desk, and its approximate age.  We have narrowed it to 1900 - 1902.  Any help or information you can add would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a picture of the opposite side


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Horrocks Desk
Horrocks Desk  

Horrocks Desk
Horrocks Desk  
QUESTION: Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the front, (My brother lives 4 hours away) but this patent drawing looks like the desk with the exception of the drawer pulls.  The desk has wooden drawer handles that are rectangular in shape.  I hope this will suffice.  Let me know if not.

Sorry I wasnt clear at to the need for the front view photo.  I need to see the condition of the front and top for myself.  That has to do with value, also i would like you to tell me if the mechanism works properly and if the drawers are intact and operate smoothly.

perhaps your brother will/can take a photo an email it to you to pass to me?

how did you narrow the date to 1900-1902?  I ask this since when William retired from Horrocks Desk Company the company still operated under that name until 1921 for certain possibly later.  But yes the desk appears to be made as would be expected around 1900, i am just a curious person.  The more questions I get, the more I learn so please bear with me.

You still stole the desk if it is intact and everything works, auction price would have been around 300-350.  There are thousands of these type and style of desks but not so many with labels, usually that makes little difference with furniture but often that takes a piece from being ok to desirable.


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