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I'm looking to get a price and sell a set of twin beds made by sikes. I kind of know about the company, but would like any info you could give. I got these beds from my grandma. My aunts slept in them when they were young. The wood is in good shape. It has not been stained,but has some scratches. Other things that touant see are some new screws and dowels to keep it together.


some info from my files:
In 1859 the company was established and operated as S.D. Sikes & Brother for 15 years at 500 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY.  In 1875 the Buffalo Chair Company, a subsidiary of Edwin Sikes & Co, was founded.  From 1904-1906 Sikes Chair Company moved to Philadelphia, PA, and operated there for several years.  In 1916 Sikes Chair Company resumed operations in Buffalo, NY.  Buffalo Chair Company went out of business in 1919.  In 1930 The Sikes Chair Company bought the Cutler Desk Company to become the Sikes-Cutler Desk Corporation.  The Sikes Chair Company was bankrupted in the Great Depression.  No furniture was made from 1929-1933.  By 1933, the economy was entering a growth spurt and The Sikes Company continued the manufacture of fine furniture until 1956.

Your set is cherrywood as i suspected and was made later in the companies history.  A quality set for certain.  These beds would sell at 350-450 each on the secondary market place.  do you have canopies?

please send clear photos to my email front and rear of the headboard and a picture of the connection of the side rail end with it out.


send as attachments to one email, i need to see the wood grain in one phots as well, it is probably cherry but we will wait to see for sure and a picture of the label.

thank you


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