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folding bed
folding bed  
folding bed
folding bed  
QUESTION: My family is planning to donate this folding bed/murphy bed to our local historical society but they need to know the age of the piece. Can you give me an approx. age, wood type and value if possible.
Thank you!

ANSWER: made around 1900, oak and oak veneers.

value is elusive.  If I were seeing this at auction I would pay around 750, out of a house about 4-500.  After restoration--not stripping but repairing and waxing the market value of these ranges from 1500 to 3000.

you should have a conversation with the museum as often times with short budgets they do not have the means to have many of the items donated to them restored and displayed an that would be sad.

Where in Missouri

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QUESTION: Columbia Missouri

if possible they can just do stabilization restoration then use a good paste wax like Briwax in a brown color on the surfaces prior to display.  only hot hide glue should be used for restoration as that is the original glue used on this piece.

The coating is most likely early lacquer, possibly shellac but unlikely.  a test could be done to determine the coating. Shellac will fluoresce orange under a UV light.

they can contact John Hurn in Pontoon Beach by St Louis if they need help.  Here is his location.  I know John and trust his work and knowledge completely.
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