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I inherited two of these chairs from an elderly friend. I would like to know about their age, what type of wood, what type of chair (dining/vanity) and whether their value would warrant being restored please. There is a book on the maker I believe: "Hale of Vermont: The Story of a Green Mountain Furniture Maker".

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ANSWER: I need to know exactly what the label says.  There were two Hale companies.
or if you could do a better photo of the label so i can see it all.
I just cannot read the top line after the word Hale.
use the followup function please.

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Close up
Close up  
QUESTION: Thanks for your reply. The label is very dark and that's the best photo I can do sorry. The Label says

Manufacturers of Hale Chairs

No.__________________ (nothing written)

From what I have looked at I think it's the company that is out of business, rather than the one that is still trading (F. E Hale Manufacturing).

I added a closer image of the back for fun.


These are oak and quartersawn oak!

nice dining chairs.

made around 1900.

you have two choices to make them pretty.  first i would buy some briwax in an oak color and wax the chairs, at least three times.  this will revive the old finish.  live with them a few weeks before doing anything else.  if you dont like them then have them refinished but the restorer must use a penetrating oil stain like Mohawk Penetrating oil stain in the brown mahogany color.  this will make them look like they should  but--i think you will like the waxing.  if they use a pigmented stain or a water based stain they will not look right.

as they sit the value is not high but they came to you from a friend so that means a lot.  retail redone aobut 100 each if the cane is good.

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