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Seal on headboard
Seal on headboard  
I have this permoweld master craftsman twin size bed. I don't know much about it but trying to figure out a few questions:

How much is it worth as is? How much potentially to refurbish? Any history on it? I have a few pictures but only uploaded two that would help to address the piece. I have all pieces of the bed.

I cannot see the wood grain close or clear enough to tell you the wood species with certainty.  It does look like birch though.

The bed is a classic late 1920s-30s colonial revival style.  
To restore would cost more that what you could sell it for as restoration would run around 650-700 if done properly.  Thing is that if you were to use briwax in a light color and wax the bed the results would amaze you.  This is what I would do.

as it sits it should sell, after waxing and in a shop at 350-450.
This is unfortunate because all things built by the company were well done and classic, just that people are not too familiar with the quality they produced.

hope this helps

some info about halfway into the info you will find the reference to Master Craftsman Co.--->>
W. & J. Sloane was a famous furniture and rug store in New York City that catered to the wealthy.

The company was founded as a rug importer and seller on March 2, 1843 by William Sloane who had just emigrated from Kilmarnock, Scotland, a town famous for weaving fine carpets and rugs. In 1852 his younger brother John W. Sloane joined the firm, when it was renamed W. & J. Sloane. It was the first company to import oriental carpets into the United States. It soon expanded to include furniture and other home furnishings, and quickly became the choice of the elite in New York. In the late 1800s the company added an antiques department, started producing furniture, and became the first home furnishings store in the country, billing itself as "W. & J. Sloane Interior Decorators and Home Furnishers."

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In 1955, after a three-year internal struggle, control of the firm left the hands of a direct descendant of the Sloanes when Benjamin Coates, 37, was elected president. This meant the ouster of president W.E.S. Griswold, Jr. and chairman of the board John D. Sloane, both grandsons of the founders. Coates was financier who married John D. Sloane's daughter in 1944 and served on the board and with a syndicate bought up 70% of the stock to win control and become head of the firm. After the store left family hands, it over-expanded and lowered the price and quality of its goods. It was then acquired by Hollywood-based RB Furniture. The chain filed for bankruptcy on September 11, 1985.

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