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China cabinet
China cabinet  
QUESTION: I'm considering purchasing a used dinning set that's been In storage for 35 years. It was said to be mahogany veneer, Rockford manufacturer style 895. I have searched everywhere trying to figure out something about this set. Is this a true antique, if so could you tell me a little more about the set and because of it needing some restoring what would be a buying value for the set.
Thank you.

ANSWER: the set is veneered, either walnut or mahogany or both and is from 1900-1920s.

it is definitely a high styled chippendale style (not period) set but BEWARE of condition issues.  check bottom of feet for splits, chick all surfaces for loose veneers, check chairs for looseness.  all this would be expected after long term storage, even after 10 years.

if it were in pristine condition, the chairs and china cabinet, which ae all i have pictures of would sell at 150-225 per chair adn the china at 850-1000 in a good shop.

as it is now you need to pay very low.

to restore the chairs figure 250 each minimum, china cabinet 850-1200 minimum.

if you have more questions please ask

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Buffet table
Buffet table  

QUESTION: Here are pictures of the table and buffet table. I can see on the China cabinet some veneer is missing in which the seller said some veneer was loose. Seller states the set is solid mahogany with burl veneer, would that be correct? Seller is asking $945 for the set and states once restored could easily get $8000-$12000 for the set is this true. So because of it needing some restoring what would a buying price be for the set in this condition?

The pictures are not clear or close enough for me to see the wood grain in the legs and frames but even if the frames and legs are mahogany this set would never bring what the seller is saying.  Although a fine set--very fine-- you will have to have work done, a lot of work, and it must be done correctly.  

I have never seen burl mahogany veneer but I have seen crotch or flame grain mahogany, compression and stump mahogany, bees wing, and ribbon stripe.  I work on veneers and am good at it.  based on what the seller is saying you must remember they are not restoration experts but, they may have seen a similar set for sale somewhere online priced in the 10,000 range.  and that means nothing.

All that said, i repeat that it is a fine set and the figure the seller states is more of an insurance replacement price (not as it sits).  If you invest 8000 in restoration and it is done correctly then you may add considerably to the insurance replacement numbers.  double or more.

to buy:
6 chairs at 50-65 each
table at 400
sideboard at 300
china at 250
so at 950 this is a fair buy but expect to invest in it.
I am sure that this set will need veneer work and that is a special skill to do correctly.
next time you go look at it, take some paste wax or a damp rag and wipe some areas down to see the condition of the surfaces.  Also, turn your hand upsidedown and tap your fingernails on areas of the veneer.  The shound will tell you where the looseness is and know it will be more as is is shifted and moved around.

where are you located if you purchase i may know a competent restorer in the area.

Lets price proper and correct restoration.

seats 100 each
wood 300-450 each
table 2500-3500
china 2000
sideboard 2000

and this is without seeing and wiggling and checking for loose veneers.
loose veneers will run pricing up considerably.

you will have a spectacular set once done.  

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