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Oak? Chairs
Oak? Chairs  

Surface Comparison
Surface Comparison  
Good morning, Mr. Klein,

I'm trying to identify the 4 chairs in photos. Will send additional email with more pics to you directly.

Can you tell me:

when the chairs may have been made,

correct style name,

where they originated from,

and value.

Note difference in surface - original and one with area cleaned up with light sandpaper.

What caused the build-up on the untouched chair?

And is it okay to clean the others up?

Thanks very much, in advance.


after rereading my post I left something out, got in a hurry--i was doing it from my phone--the price i showed are as shown, after cleanup and wax they will sell at 125 each.

1. Can you tell me if the chairs are actually oak?

[bk] not oak, you cannot go by color alone to determine wood species, you must look at the grain and many woods have similar grain.
this has the look of birch, maple and cherry grain.  color is more maple and birch.

2. When they were made?

[bk] 1880

Also, included is are to comparison chairs. Would like to know what happened to the chair back upper section regarding the surface. I clean up one with light sand paper.  You can see the difference in photos.

[bk] we see this finish, coating, or film deterioration in chair backs and arms of chairs from use where body oils have been in contact with the finish, coating, or film.

3. Should I clean up the others?

Cane seats, 2 are perfect , 2 have had more use (sagging), probably by children.

4. Approximate value of the set?
[bk] 65-75 per chair retail

5.  Any specific name for this style of chair?
[bk] not all things fit into a nice nitch. just cane bottom spindle back chairs

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