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QUESTION: This suite consists of bed (headboard and footboard), vanity with mirror, dresser with mirror and vanity bench (7 pieces).  It is in excellent(like new)condition, no scratches, chips,spots.  The mirrors have unique carvings and all pieces have hand painted flowers and gold trim.  A drawer in the vanity and in the dresser contain a medallion stating Robert W. Irvin Co. with a shield in center indication Phoenix Co.  I believe this to be circa late 1920s. I believe this to be mahogany with beautiful inlaid work.  I was told I am 2nd owner and one can tell this suite has been protected in use and care.  I am interested in your opinion as to l) wood; 2) artist floral work; and 2) value.  Any addition historical input would also be appreciated.

ANSWER: use followup function and post picture of label and other pieces


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QUESTION: Addition photos as requested.  Looking forward to your input.  Thank you
for your time.

judging from the feedback on knowledge I must have missed something.  What else did you want to know??  I hate that I missed something...
thanks, this will better enable me to help others.

this label was used from 1928 into the 1930s.

as with much of Irwin furniture it is well made and well styled.  the veneers would have been chosen in mahogany and perhaps sapelle. secondary woods probably sweet gum and/or birch.  There were hundreds of artists employed and many of the Grand Rapids companies and not necessarily exclusively to one company as that-grand rapids--was the furniture capital.

as any historical information there is much online and would be better and more rewarding for you to seek it there as it is just too much to go into here.
here is a good place to start

a reasonable retail price would be around 750 each for the bed, dresser and vanity, however the pricing depends on where and on the type of store.

insurance replacement value will approach 3500  

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