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I picked up this armchair at a local estate sale today. After getting it home I found two names under the seat. One was a plastic tag that says Hathaway's  51 west 45tj street New York, the other is stamped intoning wood and says Stickley Fayetteville Syracuse. I looked up Stickley furniture but this chair does not look like any of the pictures I saw. Any thoughts on its value??

your chair is part of what they built in their later history called colonial revival style.  the wood and style place this in the 1950-70 era.  a good reproduction of the colonial style of windsor with arrowback design.

cleaned up by waxing it should have a retail price in a shop of 250-350

hope this helps

some info from my files:
1925 to 1985, most L. & J.G. Stickley furniture carried the branding that stated, "Stickley, Fayetteville, Syracuse," but in 1950, they commemorated 50 years with a medallion that carried the silhouette of Leopold Stickley.

Mission furniture, which had been the rage in the early part of the century, lost its popularity in the late teens. Gustav Stickley developed a line of "non-mission" furniture called Chromewald. But it was too little too late to revive his business and he filed for bankruptcy in 1915 and retired never to produce furniture again. L&JG Stickley developed a line called the Cherry Valley Collection with an American Colonial inspired design (usually signed with a paper label saying "A Leopold Stickley Original" or with a large "Stickley Fayetteville Syracuse" brand). ljg stickley late mark brandThey produced this line from 1926 to 1984. Stickley Brothers (and Charles Limbert as well) also made a changeover in the late teens, adding barley twist legs to their mission designs and later producing Colonial reproductions and even painted furniture with oriental designs.  

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