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QUESTION: I am just looking to get some info and very rough value estimate of the chair pictured in the photo attachment.  The dining set belonged to my grandparents, and my parents are fairly certain that the chairs were from the same manufacturer as the table, the Phoenix Chair Company.  All six are in roughly equal condition with the biggest issue being some loose/separating joints on most of them, and the seats are modern reupholstery.  Thank you.

ANSWER: These are called lyre back chairs, stained to look like mahogany around 1940.

todays market would be around 100 each in a store.  at auction less.

loose joints are fairly easy to repair, broken joints not so much.

gluing involves taking the chair apart, scraping old glue then regluing with hot hide glue or titebond glue.


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QUESTION: Thank you for the reply, and I just have a quick follow up.  Can I assume, given your estimated date, that these were not produced by the Phoenix Chair Co.?  And if not, do you have a couple of guesses as to the maker?  Unfortunately, there are no markings of any kind on them now, with replacement of the seat bottom several years ago.  Thanks again.

ANSWER: Show a picture of the label on the table and of the table.  What makes them think they are from the same manufacturer?


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QUESTION: Pics are attached.  When my folks got the table and chairs from my dad's mom, they asked her some questions about their origin.  She was reasonably confident that they'd been purchased together as a set, but she also wasn't absolutely positive given the number of years that had passed.  Thanks for all of your help with this.

Thanks for the info.  Even though they were purchased as a set does not mean that they were of the same company.  Even so, that would not detract from this classic design.  I see that i said 1940.  Have to admit that 1920-1940 was my intent.  That happens when I get moving too fast. In this style it is often difficult to get any closer as this is a classic style for about 200 years.

Another point, which is why i asked for a picture of the logo.  You said Phoenix Chair Company which was in Sheboygan, WI, but there is also a Phoenix Furniture Company 1872-1953 in Grand Rapids MI it is my guess this is the company that did the manufacturing.  

Hope i did not confuse.  once chairs are glued price goes up to 175 each.

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