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whole chair  
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chair top  
QUESTION: I have 6 of these chairs that  belonged to my husband's grandmother who died in 1951.  I was wondering how old they might be, what style (if any) that they are, and what wood they are made from. Any idea what they might be worth? I know that seats were re-upholstered by my in-laws in the 1980's, but don't think anything else was replaced. I am wondering what kind of table and hutch might have originally gone with the chairs.

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post two more pictures.

first a close up of the wood grain, the tablet in the top rail is burl walnut but i cannot see the grain of the remainder of the wood.

second picture of the underneath of the seat.
i suspect there will be a row of small holes drilled around the perimeter of the larger hole in the seat as viewed from underneath.  generally these seats were woven cane but having them upholstered is both less expensive, more attractive, and more durable.

chairs are from 1870, victorian style, these went with several sideboards and tables of the time.  I have seen them pictured, Victorian pictures, with round tables, rectangular tables, drop leaf tables.  after i get the remaining pictures i will find a couple of pictures of appropriate tables and post them.

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Chair side
Chair side  

QUESTION: I am including a side closeup of the wood and a close up of the front of seat.  The bottom of the seat is completely covered with a thin upholstery fabric, but you are right - we can feel the small holes to indicate that it was a woven seat originally. You are amazing.

the piece of wood with the bold grain looks like ash or chestnut.  i see sweet gum, cherry or tulip poplar as well.  it is not uncommon for these to be of multiple woods.

in a shop they should be priced at 250 each minimum.

the table shown at the above link is without the insertable leaves.  this style usually will accommodate 5 leaves that go in the center.

the one at this link is missing the center legs.  

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